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What Is A Flange Used For?

Flanges are also called flange. Flange structure is often used for the connection between shaft and shaft, between pipe fittings or between equipment and equipment. It can also be used for connection between motor and reducer, or reducer and other equipment.

Different Types of Flanges

Flange types can be divided into integral flanges, threaded flanges, flat welding flanges, butt welding flanges, loose flanges and flange covers according to the flange structure and connection mode. 

What Are the Advantages of Flange Connection?

1. Flange connected valves and pipelines are easy to install and disassemble, but flange connected valves are heavier than threaded valves, and the corresponding price is also high, so it is suitable for pipe connection of various diameters and pressures.

2. Flange connection is actually convenient for disassembly. One side is used on the port of equipment, valves, etc. Flange connection can be selected to facilitate disassembly, while threaded connection is sometimes convenient for disassembly, but its pressure level is not high. The connection form of flange also has threaded connection, but it is used to connect pipe fittings with smaller diameter and larger thickness.

3. The flange connection has the flexibility of installation and disassembly, reliable sealing, high strength, simple structure, low cost, multiple repeated disassembly and wide application.

4. The main features of flange connection are convenient disassembly, high strength and good sealing performance.

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